Thursday, 8 July 2021

The Moon - Painting


Fun Facts about the moon: 

The Moon is Earths Only Natural Satellite. It orbits the Earth.

The Moon has water ( Nasa Says)

The Moon could be made from a piece of the Earth.

The Moon is the only moon that Earth has, but some planets like Jupiter have way more

The Moon has different phases depending on its position in orbit.

The Moon has heaps of craters which are holes from asteroids. Some are really deep and wide.

Task Description: Kia ora! Today I learnt some facts about the Moon and painted the Moon. It was really fun, I painted with my home class teacher Mrs Stone, Madi, Nadia and Aye Myat. It was really fun because the girls were talking about stuff that I have no idea existed, they were also very weird and laugh every minute ( A complement it was funny). It was really hard to gluing the tissues onto the paper for me. It was nice because I suck at painting so I just speed ran it and it worked out quite well because I wasn't overthinking. My favourite was cleaning my hands because it was nice having clean hands. Hopefully I paint again next term or do a big create activity like this.  

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