Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Fractions Star


Task Description: Kia Ora, Today I did some fractions divided by and times table ofs.
Its was confusing but Kauri explained the first slide to me then I picked up momentum and finished it easily. Have a good day


Mastering equivalent fractions!


Task Description: Kia Ora, Today I just finished mastering equivalent fractions. I just notice that the other people are doing a different assessment then me. It turns out that I did the wrong task :/ This task is much more easing then I started. I really like fractions now that I actually used my brain.


The Jacket - Part 3


Task Description: Today in reading we learnt mostly about phil being prejudiced. It was confusing at first but then I used my brain and every was connecting.


How To Make A Quality Blog Post - Cybersmart

 Cybersmart - How To Make A Quality Blog Post

Task Description: Task Description: For this task I explain how you can create a quality blog post as good as this one. The requirements to at least have a simple quality blog post having a description, good/hooking title and good labels. You can find out how to make a by using this the slides above this description. Remember to leave a cyber smart comment. 

You can use templates if you are lazy or use a YouTube video if this blog post does not help you.  

The Jacket - Part 2


Friday, 4 June 2021

Fia Fia Reflection

 Fia Fia - Reflection

Quick Summary: Fia Fia Is a event that happens every 2 years. The event take's place in Pt England School, Every year we get a lot of adults and viewers every year.

Fia Fia 

Last night at 4:30 the students and the helpers got there. The parents arrived at 5:00 to 5:30. The Event started 5:30. My group was the choir and I had a lot of fun practising and singing with them.

My favourite group/performance was hip hop cause a lot of them were trying there best. 
One of the things I liked about Fia Fia was seeing all the cute little kids giving it there best and smiling.

Unfortunately this is my last Fia Fia, But its not. I am still still gonna go Fia Fia cause my little brother and sister are gonna intend this school to!  

This is a poster for Fia Fia.