Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Measuring Length K

 This week miss moala maths class is doing Measuring Length.It is fun!

Monday, 3 July 2017

Rae Jae - Dictation - Kitesurfing

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 1.01.16 PM.png

Soaring through the sky I feel like superman crashing through the waves I feel like a dolphin. This experience is a  feeling you only get every so often. Hopping over the waves butterflies filling my tummy and twirling through the air.I show the supporters or the trick’s I am able to do. I can hear cheering and screaming from all my supporters. The hardest part was going kitesurfing is packing up.Having to pull the kite in on a windy the is hard work kitesurfing is sunh incredible sport.   

Rae Jae - Dictation - The Walkway

Looking out at the clear glistening blue water.I see a walkway. Suddenly I stop . I think to myself. Would this be a good idea . before giving myself a chance to answer.I find myself jumping onto slippery log.I skip from log to log.Splash slipping of the land.Head first into the ice cold water.With all my strength.I swim across the water back to the beach What an adventure...

Matariki Script

One scary night in lake Taupo the sea was black. There was waves and the wind was blowing very hard.  There was a bad sea monster call Taniwha and wanted to eat this boy.  Tamarereti was hungry. So Tamarereti went fishing.He caught 2 little fish and 1 big one but suddenly he got loess.Tamarereti beach.On to the beach.Tamarereti ate his fish that he caught on the boat and out of his corner off his eye.He saw shining pebbles.Tamarereti throw shiny pebbles in the boat. So he throw it in the sky so he could find his way back home.The people in the world called Tamarereti the story of Tamarereti.there all was star’s in the sky.The End.    

The waka

I walk into a Maori beach I try not to panic. Suddenly at the corner of my eye. I  saw a waka and wood.Everyone look at me.I wonder why they are looking at me. I saw a very very wet dog.I saw 8 mountain to.I wonder if I could go on the waka. but they speak Maori.I ask if they can speak English.One man said yes I can ok which way is glen innes I ask.he said it’s very very he gave me a map. by the way the Chief gave the map.I said Thanks Chief.But I said ‘can stay 5 minutes’.So the chief said ok 5 minutes ok so I said ok.Then I went but they gave me food I said it’s ok you can but they said ok gave they to your friend then.I said bye.

Friday, 30 June 2017

My Tessellation

here is my square Tessellation
Do you like it?
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