Saturday, 13 July 2019

The pools

Hello,Its me again Rae Jae and I went to the pools. I asked me dad If I can go to the pools with my sister and he said 'Yes' so I got ready and got in the car.Then we get to the pools we went in the little pool for my sister first.

After that I tell my sister "want to race?" she said "Yes"   Then I say 'Ready steady go!' Then we both go I crash into the sidewalls by actserdent but I still won...

Then its time to go into the medium pool, I walk in then start swimming here to the other side and had a race with my sister but not the hole thing the side the other side to the other so 2 laps welp I won again then I go to the fountain thingy.

Then other people came there were all friends they all look liked 12  and they got the board thing and started skimming it then they got in trouble me and my sister did a sneekey laugh then got out of the pool then we went back home and a McDonald's.

Friday, 5 July 2019

2 weeks of holidays

Its is the school holidays. For two weeks  I am gonna be posting some stuff I do in the holidays enjoy (:

So keep in touch Bye!

Thursday, 27 June 2019

Art work

So this is some art I create in the nick off time before I go to bed I hope you enjoyed.
Correct, you should indeed draw something to go night for and go bye for you guys.I mean cya later for you guy bye!... 

The Volting Demons

The Volting Demons
By : Rae Jae

I was eating my apple then I hear a voice ‘hehehe’ I said to myself, ‘ah, It's just my imagination after all it's pretty wild’ So I being to keep chewing then I hear it again ‘hmm that's weird very weird’ I said to myself in strange voice. I being to get curious. I stopped eating my apple then I turn on the tv. The TV said something about a ‘Demon trying to steal cookies’.I think he's in my house man I knew I should have not bought does cookies . The news said ‘Hes says ‘hehehe’’ I stop then say ‘OH NO MY COOKIES!’. I will lock them safely in a very secure high tech place. That other do it.

At this time my Mum,Dad and little Sister were at the park. I got my cooke-ray one of my latest Inventions #IJustMadeOneSecondAgo. I saw him he was a blue demon and some brown with a little bit of chocolate chips,’Wait chocolate chips NOT MY CHOCOLATE CHIPS!’ I take my cookie-ray out and pointed it at him then I hit the shoot button but it didn't work’. I through it to the Demon and shouted ‘I knew this piece off just would not work by its good to give things a try.

Wait he looks like chocolate I might just take one bite “I take a bite” ‘Hmm,Thats yummy’ ‘maybe just one more’ Then I eat hmm all ‘what it was an Accident now get lost all I’ll eat your cookies!...

Task Description : Hello, please read this or the demon will come to your house and steal your cookies.Now If you excuse me I out of here....

Scratch Tasks

Walt : We are learning to use the tools in scratch.

Task Description: Hello,This is my task for today I do a screencasterfiy off my self.
Please watch the video if you don't you'll get rob from cookie man...

Monday, 24 June 2019

Decimal Problems

Walt: recognise shapes and sides.

Task Description : Today I did Decimal Problems thanks for reading bye!>

Independent & Dependent Clauses

WALT: identify and write independent & dependent clauses


Task Description : Today I did Independent & Dependent clauses so please enjoy or else I'll eat your cookies again!